1. You make an appointment via the agenda on the website
  2. On the agreed day, bring the items in a sturdy bag/box with your name, telephone number and email address
  3. You will receive a message from us within 1 week, together with an intake list
  4. Returned items will now remain in the store for sale for 2 months
  5. You must collect any uncollected items within 5 working days of receiving the collection list. After this period, the items will be returned to Moda Usata.
  6. It is not permitted to return items submitted during the sales period

End of sales period, what then?

  1. The week prior to the end of the sales period you will receive a message from us that any unsold items can be picked up by you from the end of the sales period and the following week.
  2. We will be happy to transfer your sales credit to you! If you would like a cash payment, we will agree on which day you will come by.

What can be brought in

  1. Due to the large selection, we would like to ask you to be selective with what you contribute. If in doubt, you can always contact us for our advice (via email or WhatsApp is the fastest!)
  2. We focus on brands from the middle and high segments
  3. Items are in excellent to new condition, not older than 3 years (unless vintage items or jewelry or bags)
  4. We do not accept pieces from the so-called fast fashion chains (Primark, Shein etc).
  5. You ensure that everything is clean & fresh. Clothing should also be wrinkle-free as much as possible
  6. The items fit the current season

Due to a large selection, we may not have room in the store to accept new input.

Select the gems from the closet, the greater the chance of a successful sale!

Items brought in will be consigned for sale by Moda Usata.

You will receive an overview list for the items that are put up for sale, by registration number. This states the collection amount per item, which is the amount you will be paid after the sales period, if the item in question has been sold.

We keep pieces in our collection for 2 months.


We hold sales twice a year, on January 1st the winter sale starts and on July 1st the summer sale starts. Items that are on sale with us on these dates will automatically be included in the sale. For items sold on sale, the return amount payable will decrease proportionally to the reduced sales price.

Online sales

We strive for the best possible sales result, so that even more items get a second life, so we also sell online! For this we use our webshop, social media and various platforms, on which we have many good reviews. This significantly increases the chance of a successful sale!

Sales price and payment

Moda Usata determines the collection amount and final sales price.

Payment for sold items takes place after the sales period. For items sold online, a payment waiting period of 14 days applies in connection with the statutory right of return, if the sale date is less than 14 days from the end of the sales period.

The right to payment expires 6 months after the expiry of the sales period.

Moda Usata has the right to adjust the sales price at its sole discretion.

Moda Usata handles all pieces with the utmost care. We are in no way liable for damage, theft or loss.